Late game eco brief guide

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Late game eco brief guide

Post by flightlessbird » Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:03 pm

Ideal late game eco set up for various units

- note all add 10 lumberjacks or so for farms + buildings

Paladin civ: 50 farmers, 70 trade carts
Camel civ: 50 farmers 60 carts (slightly less carts needed for Indians)
Battle Elephant: 75 farmers, 50 carts
Mayan eagles: 30f 65-70 carts (note Az and Inca often need more eco since their eagles die faster)
Goth halb + husk: 70f, 10 wood (20 total), 25 carts - might need slightly more eco if fighting constantly
Slav Boyars: 35-40 farmers, 75-80 carts.
War elephans: 80-90 farmers, 35-40 carts.

Archer civs tend to vary more, as more often making other units, but always good idea to get 40+ carts.

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